the Venture Generation Incubation Center

Venture Generation is a venture incubation center powered by J-Seed Ventures, Inc.  It is designed to help entrepreneurs launch their ventures in an environment that will dramatically increase their probability of success. Most incubators provide space and facilities. Ours will provide those, and in addition a broad spectrum of help in the form of advice and human contacts.

Venture Generation Website :

  • Venture Generation is located in Kyobashi, close to Ginza and Tokyo Station.
  • Flexible terms allow easy entry and exit without a large cash commitment. Members pay a monthly membership fee, but receive benefits far beyond what a typical office space, or even a typical incubator, currently offer. We provide entrepreneurs with access to a network of potential investors, advisors, partners, customers, suppliers, and professionals
  • J-Seed has more than 11 years of experience in incubating startups in Japan. We have experience in IT, communications and manufacturing that enables us to provide highly relevant advice.  We also have expertise in structuring legal and accounting matters
  • Admission to Venture Generation is limited to people and companies that plan to scale and positively impact society.  Preference is given to ventures that positively contribute to Venture Generation’s concept of creating a supportive ecosystem for early-stage ventures.
  • Use of our incubator is also a great way for foreign companies to enter the Japanese market.