IT Services

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing offered by J-Seed helps Japanese enterprises focus on their core business. In today's competitive market, survival demands that SMEs find creative means to maximize their revenues. At the same time, the cost and complexity of the information technology infrastructure necessary to achieve this goal continues to escalate. Against this backdrop, a growing number of successful companies have found that they can leverage J-Seed's command of the latest global innovations in technology, thereby freeing up the resources they need to concentrate on their own value-adding capabilities.
J-Seed IT Outsourcing Capabilities:

  • Office set-up
  • Desktop management; local and wide area network operation management; help-desk support; application development and maintenance; and related consulting and systems integration activities
  • Business transformation outsourcing: J-Seed collaborates with clients to transform business processes which lead to measurable gains in market position and return on capital.
  • Internet and e-commerce strategy development and implementation

Systems Integration

The system integration services offered by J-Seed are dedicated to addressing the IT needs of SMEs. J-Seed's formula for success is simple. We listen carefully to our customers, document their needs, and deliver an appropriate yet affordable solution. Other technology providers claim to be unbiased and customer-oriented, but at J-Seed, a customer-centric focus is built into all of our processes. For example, customer satisfaction is a significant part of our overall employee compensation structure. Each engagement includes a customer satisfaction process and follow-up. J-Seed also possess capabilities in the area of mash-up and security programming.