The major aim of J-Seed Ventures today is to leverage our capital, network and experience to help entrepreneurs successfully launch and grow their business.Most importantly, we love working with entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic, passionate and want to make the world a better place for everyone.
Here are some of the companies that we have had the pleasure of working with.

SOGO Energy

SOGO Energy believes that today’s energy ventures in emerging markets have the power to create valuable scalable businesses. However, despite solid business models and fast-growing customer acquisition, they struggle to raise the money they need to sustain such growth. This is why SOGO Energy was created. SOGO Energy invests in these local ventures and partners with them on management, technology and funding to create a global network that empowers and enriches the lives of customers in emerging markets.


TRENDE Inc. is an online renewable energy retailer selling electricity to residential customers in Japan via its Ashita Denki ( and Hot Denki ( service websites. TRENDE's goal is to accelerate the widespread adoption of solar power and redefine the energy ecosystem in Japan with a customer-centric business model and innovative P2P platform. The company's main investors include TEPCO Ventures, Inc., Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

enTouch K. K.

enTouch allows busy doctors to connect conveniently by web/phone with a nationwide network of trained pharmaceutical sales representatives in order to keep up with the latest product and treatment developments in their medical field.

Japan Competitive Innovation Consultancy Kabushiki Kaisha

Japan Competitive Innovation Consultancy (JCIC) is a Japan-based management training and consultancy firm dedicated to helping organizations enhance their competitiveness, achieve high performance, and run their operations more cost-effectively and efficiently.

Galvani Studios

Galvani Studios is all about learning, and in particular, about exploring the fascinating universe of subjects we call “science.” We know that if science is presented well it will captivate the imaginations of students, teachers and general readers alike. Our first title, "The Yellow Cab of The Universe Rides the Solar System" is one of the first digital books to fully leverage the power of Apple's iBooks Author to push the boundaries of what a digital book can be. We are hard at work creating new Yellow Cab titles that we promise will be interesting, entertaining and engaging.


mashmatrix is a pioneer in developing and selling cloud-based enterprise mash-up solutions for on-demand data visualization. The mashmatrix dashboard allows users to combine information from multiple sources (e.g.,, Oracle, Lotus Notes, Google) and display them within a single user interface.


gazzy is an easy to use web service which allows users to easily manage, find and promote events. The gazzy user is able to create an event within various categories, invite people to this event and then manage the responses easily. Additional functions will allow for event promotion through SNSs and advanced guest list management.


WIXI, Inc. offers an auction platform for buying and selling domain names. As one of the first companies in Japan to offer domain back-order and drop-catching services for the .jp domain space. WIXI has fully developed, extensive tools for statistical analysis of domain name traffic and domain name quality. WIXI also provides service in the area of domain monetization and parking.


Zenlok offers a free cloud-based e-mail security service. Unlike other comparable products, no installation is needed to encrypt and archive e-mail for the solution offered by Zenlok.


artsea is a group of talented designers that offers a wide collection of accessories and other fashion items.


maneo offers a highly-secure, user-friendly online community for people to borrow and lend money through an online auction system. maneo is all about helping people lend and borrow money from each other, sidestepping the expense and inconvenience of using traditional banks and consumer finance companies. People who want to borrow money, register with maneo and create loan listings. Potential lenders register and bid on the loan listings that interested them. maneo aggregates the bids with the lowest rates to fund the relevant loans and handles all of the administrative matters related to the loans. The company now offers a variety of products catering to various customer needs.

New Standard

New Standard is a graduate school application support services company that assists Japan's best and brightest gain entry to MBA and graduate programs in North America, Europe and beyond. New Standard offers the leading combination of quality, flexibility and pricing, with individually customized training and guidance in all aspects of the graduate school and MBA application process. The company provides critical guidance for the many hurdles that Japanese candidates face. This includes essay writing, choosing the correct program and interview practice as well as intensive coaching for success in the crucial GMAT, TOEFL and GRE examinations. New Standard's experienced consultants have helped over 150 people enter top graduate schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, Oxford and Cambridge. The company's advisors include top-class business professionals, entrepreneurs, educational professionals and authors.


Mobikyo's core business is the production and dissemination of media content, market intelligence and business information aimed at individuals and companies seeking to establish, expand or strengthen their commercial relations with Japan's wireless and IT industries. Mobikyo publishes Wireless Watch Japan (WWJ) and Wireless Watch Community (WWC), online media sources that cover the latest business news on the mobile industry in Japan and around the world. Mobikyo also operates Mobile Intelligence Japan (MIJ), a high-profile executive guided mission through the corporate world of Japan's advanced mobile market and organizes MobileMonday Tokyo (MoMo), Tokyo's lead networking event for the mobile industry and a gathering point for managers, entrepreneurs, analysts and the media.
*Sold to management

Piku Media KK

Piku Media KK, established in November 2004, operates Japan's first discount coupon business leveraging group buying dynamics and social networks. Piku currently features a daily deal on attractive services and products in 47 areas throughout Japan. The company uses collective buying power to offer unbeatable prices that provide a win-win situation for participating businesses and consumers. Piku plans to establish regional offices in Osaka and Fukuoka by the end of 2010.


Sozon Inc. is a leading company in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software and consulting services in Japan.
*Sold to ValueCommerce.

Robert Leonard Consulting

Robert Leonard Consulting is a recruiting firm with a strong philosophy and track record of building long-term relationships based on a foundation of sound ethics, honesty, unparalleled service, teamwork and traditional hard work. This focus translates into superior service and has helped RLC become a highly reputable and reliable recruitment firm across various industries.

Seer Insight Security*

Seer Insight Security was founded in December, 2000 with the purpose of developing new technologies and providing system solutions related to network security. The company offers "SEER INNER™", a system to promote security maintenance management within a company; "SEER Under-Cover™", a system to protect log information on a server; "SEER Seasir™", a system to monitor and manage servers from mobile environments; and "SEER Tracker™", a system to make log information analysis more efficient.
*Sold to Realit


Solis Corporation, a JPRS and ICANN accredited domain registrar, is the leader in Japanese Domain Names with its online brand Japan Registry. Sound knowledge of the administrative, legal and policy issues involved in the Japanese Domain Name space, coupled with innovative and streamlined technology, makes Japan Registry the fastest registration process in the Japanese Domain Name space and facilitates efficient cooperation with its partners.
*Sold to GMO Internet Group