Who is it for ?

Venture Generation center is for early-stage ventures and foreign companies entering the Japanese market.  In many cases our members have been in existence for less than a year, and are often still in the planning phase for some or most of their operations.

But being an early-stage venture is not the only criterion for membership. We also look for people who are able to benefit from the help that our advisors offer. This rare resource might mean the difference between success and failure for some new ventures. Furthermore, we look for people who can benefit from and appreciate the value that is being made available to them.

Venture Generation’s success is enhanced by a balanced mix of companies within the incubator.

  • Early-stage Japanese ventures
  • Foreign companies entering the Japanese market
  • A focus on Ventures with innovative technologies and business models

Venture Generation’s inclusive concept :

  • No pre-defined acceptance criteria
  • Decision on a case-by-case basis
  • Preference given to start-ups which contribute to the Venture Generation’s concept

We look for people who have a goal that is bigger than just making a living through the new company. (If you were to enter an incubator and have the chance to interact with other entrepreneurs each day, isn’t this the kind of person you would want to meet?)

We select people and companies with the aim of creating a good environment where mutual support provides an intangible benefit for everyone.

We also hope to achieve a degree of diversity in terms of industry types, as well as personal background in our members.