Japan - U.S. Innovation Awards Program Announces 2015 Innovation Showcase: Five companies to be featured at July 10 Symposium

San Francisco, CA - The Japan-U.S. Innovation Awards Program, produced by the Japan Society of Northern California in cooperation with the Stanford University US- Asia Technology Management Center, announces five featured companies for its newly conceived 2015 Innovation Showcase. The Innovation Showcase recognizes exciting new companies founded in Japan around highly innovative technologies and business ideas that have the potential for major worldwide impact. Innovation Showcase companies show outstanding promise and are beginning to gain international traction.

Companies featured in the 2015 Innovation Showcase are:
• Cloudian, Inc. (www.cloudian.com), for hybrid cloud smart data storage solutions that integrate a new approach to cost efficient, scalable, and self-healing object storage for massive amounts of data
• PI R&D (www.pird.co.jp), for manufacturing process innovation that yields majorcost and quality improvements in polyimide materials for computer chips, filters, and a wide range of advanced applications
• Quantum Biosystems (www.quantumbiosystems.com), for a new generation of
single molecule DNA sequencer using quantum mechanics, which can deliver rapid and sample prep free DNA sequencing with disruptively low cost
• SleepWell Co., Ltd. (www.sleepwell.co.jp), for compact systems that measure the quality of sleep, enabling diagnostic testing in home settings
• WHILL, Inc. (http://whill.us), for next-generation personal mobility products.

The 2015 Innovation Showcase companies will participate in a new segment of the Japan - U.S. Innovation Awards Symposium at Stanford University on Friday, July 10, 2015. Each company will be represented by its Chief Executive Officer, who will share the story of the company's innovation and subsequent progress in a panel discussion moderated by Ken Yasunaga, Managing Director, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan.
The Innovation Showcase will also provide connections for the featured companies to Bay Area experts in strategic startup growth, a key theme emphasized by Japanese Prime Minister Abe Minister during his recent visit to the San Francisco - Silicon Valley area. A separate invitation-only workshop titled, "Growth: Silicon Valley Approaches," has been designed specifically for the Innovation Showcase companies.
According to Awards Program Steering Committee chair Richard Dasher, "The Innovation Showcase aims to capture at a relatively early stage the excitement that surrounds emerging new companies with world-class innovations from Japan. These companies each demonstrate robust entrepreneurship with tremendous potential for Silicon Valley."
a new generation of
single molecule DNA sequencer using quantum mechanics, which can deliver
rapid and sample prep free DNA sequencing with disruptively low cost

In addition, the 2015 Japan-U.S. Innovation Awards Symposium will include the following program highlights (details to be announced in subsequent releases):
• A keynote dialog by representatives of a recent high-profile instance of cooperation in innovation between a Japanese and U.S. company.
• Presentation of the Salesforce Emerging Leader Award to one Japanese and one U.S. company, which are already beginning to demonstrate world changing impact.
• A progress update by the CEO of a previous Salesforce Emerging Leader Award
winner that has just completed its IPO.
Symposium attendees will have the opportunity to see first-hand the exciting products offered by each Showcase company, plus an unmatched opportunity to network with thought- leaders who are active at the intersection of Japanese creativity and Silicon Valley entrepreneurship and innovation.
Now in its fifth year, the 2015 Japan-U.S. Innovation Awards Symposium will be held July 10, 2015 at the Stanford University Arrillaga Alumni Center from 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Additional participant http://www.usjinnovate.org.

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