English OK Co., Ltd. acquires Kudos and FIRSTbenefit Brands

Tokyo, Japan - April 28, 2009 - English OK Co., Ltd. a service-English training and promotion business, announced today the acquisition of Kudos Y.K. assets and intellectual property from KK Izanami.

The acquired assets and intellectual property include both the Kudos and FIRSTbenefits brands and programs, which have been providing membership benefits in Japan for the past 10 years to organizations such as the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and British Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

"The Kudos and FIRSTbenefit brands will nicely complement our existing eok.jp shop directory service and further support the foreign community and travelers in Japan." said Marc Beardsley, Co-founder of English OK.

"The acquisition of Kudos and FIRSTbenefit brands represents a fantastic opportunity for us," said Dave Mori, Co-founder and President of English OK. "We hope to leverage our existing relationships with service businesses throughout Japan to offer new and unique premium benefits to our members."

For more information about English OK please visit: http://www.eok.jp/about-us/


April 30, 2009 | News