Sozon Inc. Introduces a New Service, "Blog de BaitoTM"

Sozon Inc. introduces a new service, Blog de BaitoTM, which uses blogs for promotional advertisement.

Tokyo, Japan, May 31, 2007 – (JCN Newswire) – Sozon Inc. has announced the release of a new product in their Internet Marketing product lineup, Blog de Baito™, which allows bloggers to blog on behalf of advertisers in exchange for a commission fee.

With Blog de Baito™, advertisers can achieve three objectives: natural online advertising, word of mouth and direct SEO friendly links to their websites. As the recent rapid increase of the Internet user, it has now joined the other four major advertising channels which are television, radio, newspaper and magazine. Therefore, web promotion has become a necessity in advertising.

Commonly-used forms of internet advertising include banner advertisements, Search Engine Marketing(Paid Listing Advertisements)and Affiliate Marketing; however, recent market trends have required companies and organizations to have more intimate relationships with individual consumers, whose comments and analysis of their services and products can have substantial influence. As such, Sozon developed Blog de Baito™, which allows bloggers to write about advertisers services and products on their blogs in exchange for a commission fee for the blogger, and natural promotion for the advertiser.

In recent years, as Japan integrates ever more deeply in to the blog society, the number of Japanese registered bloggers has increased rapidly to 8.68 million people (according to an April, 2006 announcement by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) and this number is expected to continuously increase. Blog de Baito™ treats each blog as a potential media outlet, and companies can utilize the bloggers’ comments/analysis to promote and advertise their products and services in a natural and unobtrusive way. In addition to the write-up within the blog, a direct link will be placed to promote the advertiser’s website through a post within the bloggers’ comments, thus increasing qualified traffic to their sites. Blog de Baito™ will allow Sozon to provide a complete solution in the online marketing field.

■Service Start Date
May 31, 2007(Thursday)

■Service URL

■Service Details

 □Advertise easily
Marketer can easily register for a promotion.

 □Blogs are approved automatically and easy to maintain:
As blogs are applied to promotions, the system will check the blog automatically. Clients do not have to read through the blog for authentification.

 □Effective Blogger usage
By separating the bloggers into categories, clients can target the audience and make effective promotions.

 □Market research capabilities:
Clients can choose the tone of the bloggers’ comments, allowing for detailed market research to be conducted.

 □Blogger can easily earn advertisement fees:
Blogging about client companies’ services/products allows bloggers to earn money in the form of commissions.

■Expected blogger members:
 100,000(Within one year)
※Sozon Inc.’s parent company, ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. (Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market, Code No: 2491, Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Founded on March 12th, 1996. President & CEO: Brian Nelson) affiliate network will be used to attract bloggers.

■Pricing(Tax inclusive)
 ・Blog de Light Plan
Blog de Light 400 (Blogs: 400) - ¥168,000-
Blog de Light 700 (Blogs: 700) - ¥294,000-
Blog de Light 1000 (Blogs: 1000) - ¥420,000-
※In the near future, Blog de Premium, with more marketing functions, is expected to be released.

■How to access the service:
 Blog de Baito is an online service, therefore, please access

■Corporate Profile

【Sozon Inc.】
Since its founding in 2003, Sozon has grown from a small three person SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company to a 45 person plus full service online marketing agency offering a variety of digital marketing services to small and large companies throughout Japan and Asia. Sozon is build around four key pillars: People, Technology, Marketing, and Service. These pillars serve as a base for Sozon to develop total online marketing solutions for domestic and international companies looking to grow their business in Japan and throughout Asia.

【ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.】
Founded in 1996 as one of the first hosting and domain resellers in Japan, ValueCommerce launched Japan's first ASP Affiliate Marketing platform and service in 1999. Today, ValueCommerce provides E-commerce and online marketing services in 3 major business divisions: Affiliate Marketing, Directory/Search, and Hosting/Infrastructure. For the affiliate marketing business, ValueCommerce is serving one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in Japan delivering over 400 million advertisements per day and reaching up to 50% of the Japanese Internet population (Nielsen/NetRatings "Advertisement distribution (BTC)").

Sozon Inc.
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