Mobikyo K.K. Launches - Mobile Media Publishers Platform

Mobikyo K.K. today announces the public launch of the Wireless-Watch Community (W-W.Com), a dynamically updated website aggregating high-caliber news and commentary from mobile experts, industry watchers and publishers worldwide. The W-W.Com platform enables established and respected thought leaders to contribute their analysis and insight to a multi-market channel that is on track to become the Web's most comprehensive resource of independent wireless related information.

Recently, the telecoms industry has seen explosive growth and massive change in all markets. With this evolution, mobile media has itself begun converging as operators, networks, devices and business models leap across borders. Increasingly, it is difficult for any individual media site in any one market to effectively cover a single country or region (Asia vs. Europe), or a single sector (3G vs. VoIP). Furthermore, many new voices have joined the discussion and it has become challenging and indeed limiting to rely on any one source to maintain a full understanding of mobile developments.

W-W.Com, launches with more than twenty registered community publishers representing a deep cross section of the most credible and insightful reporting on day-to-day developments in mobile and wireless technology, business models, strategies, applications, terminals, convergence and Internet. "The concept is to gather talented regional mobile media publishers into a single portal to raise the online exposure for all, creating a custom, up-to-date news feed and offering dedicated content that will become a daily destination for the industry worldwide," said Daniel Scuka, chief editor for Mobikyo's Wireless Watch Japan media site.

W-W.Com is a unique platform that automatically aggregates news, articles, reports, blog posts, and other Web content from community members into a 'portal of posts.' Once a Web publisher becomes an authorized contributor, the engine will routinely pull their latest site update, extract keywords, assign section tags and organize the cached articles into a dedicated sub-domain system, pushing the very latest stories to the W-W.Com top page.

All content coming into the system is retained with full click-through to the original source location and the process is entirely automated with no editorial filtering or control. "Following the famous i-mode model, we have built a critical-mass content platform with a generous revenue-share structure that provides a valuable opportunity for publishers and generates a unique offering for our site visitors," said Lawrence Cosh-Ishii, representative director for Mobikyo.

The connection between the site and our contributors is more significant than a mere client/vendor relationship given the sharing of brand and trust between W-W.Com and community publishers. Therefore, Mobikyo has established a volunteer Advisory Board made up of experienced and respected peers who will provide robust and objective advice to the company on material matters of strategy and policy for Wireless-Watch Community.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Walter Adamson, founder & principal at Digital Investor and vice-president of the i-mode Content Forum (i-CF), and best-selling author Mr. Tomi T Ahonen, principal behind the Next Generation Mobile Applications Forum (with Oxford University) and lecturer for Oxford's 3G telecoms-related courses, have both agreed to join the board.

"I am proud to be involved with the launch of the Wireless-Watch Community, the real-time summary site for all of your favorite blogs about mobile telecoms and related topics. I congratulate Mobikyo for an excellent initiative in the digital community space. If you need to track the industry regularly, then you should put onto your reading list; you will catch everything that is happening in mobile," said Tomi Ahonen.

"The Wireless-Watch Community is an excellent way to stay on top of a constantly evolving industry. This site is a necessary addition given how business models for mobile Internet are increasingly crossing borders and cultures," added Walter Adamson.

The W-W.Com site is the latest mobile-focused service from Mobikyo and joins our existing information and business promotion line-up which include managing Tokyo's Mobile Monday (MoMo) networking events (, publishing the Wireless Watch Japan (WWJ) media site ( and operating guided Mobile Intelligence Japan (MIJ) missions to Tokyo (

May 4, 2006 | News