Members, K.K. announces the start of applied solution service provision through SeoSpyTM, a SEO tool of

Members, K.K. (Headquarters in Tokyo, Minato-Ku; Representative Director: Kenmochi Tadashi) has announced that it started to provide applied solution services using SeoSpyTM, Japan’s first online SEO software by (managed by J-Seed, K.K.; Headquarters in Tokyo, Shinjuku-Ku; Representative Director: Jeffrey Char). By this means, the company can strengthen its service of efficiently increasing the number of visitors to a website.

“From now on, in order to provide consulting and solutions that realise strong marketing results, we don’t just apply the advanced tool and experience of SeoSpyTM, but we also develop at once the necessary SEO measures corresponding to the changes of search engines.”

“SeoSpyTM puts a number of advanced tools, necessary for achieving an increase in the search engine rankings, into one single online package. After using SeoSpyTM for just a few months you can achieve top rankings on the major search engines and expect a leap in the efficiency of your business.”

June 14, 2004 | News