Interact Commerce Corporation Appoints J-Seed as Master Business Partner for SalesLogix in Japan

November 5, 2002. Interact Commerce Corporation (Interact) today announced that they have signed J-Seed Ventures, Inc. as their Master Business Partner for the company's SalesLogix products in Japan. J-Seed will be responsible for product localization, marketing, sales and technical support for SalesLogix products in Japan. J-Seed will offer both English and Japanese versions of these products in Japan. Based in Tokyo, Japan, J-Seed's expertise in servicing the Japanese marketplace and their local presence will enable them to meet the unique needs of Japanese corporations.

We are thrilled to have J-Seed as our master business partner in Japan," said Craig Young, SalesLogixユs managing director for Interact Commerce Corporation Asia/Pacific. "Japan represents a huge market opportunity for SalesLogix, and with J-Seed, we have dedicated resources that are extremely knowledgeable about the market. J-Seed has a proven track record providing high quality service and advice to both multinational and local companies in Japan. J-Seed shares our focus on providing mid-market companies with the leading industry applications that most effectively address their needs."

"While some CRM firms have struggled recently, SalesLogix has enjoyed rising market share because of its focus on increasing the effectiveness of salespeople, and because it is a solution that salespeople themselves embrace," noted C. Jeffrey Char, president of J-Seed. "Japan is a more personal, relationship-oriented culture than other regions, and for CRM to succeed here it needs to be designed to make salespeople more effective in managing relationships." SalesLogix is also particularly applicable in Japan due to its ability to access information anytime, anywhere, using any device, and its tight integration with Microsoft Outlook(R)."

November 5, 2002 | News